Learn to Generate 
150 - 300 Leads 
Per Month 
For Only $10 Per Day
Learn to Generate 150 - 300 Leads 
Per Month 
For Only $10 Per Day
Leads Will Be Pouring in Within Hours!
Have Your Best Year EVER In 2019 By Working With
The Lead King
Russ Ward
How Can We Help You Close More Deals in 2020?
The Best Followup Process in the Business! Your Leads Will Be Relentlessly Followed Up With, Appointments Will Be Set on Your Calendar and Live Transfers Will be Made!
After focusing on real estate and mortgage lead generation exclusively for most of the past 18 months I found I only had two kinds of clients - those that got MASSIVE results and ROI and those that got nothing! I didn't understand why there was such a discrepancy so I took the time to find out.

What I found was those that were failing simply did not have the proper followup processes in place. I took some time to decide how I could best help solve this problem and The Ultimate Followup Package is what I came up with!
The Lead King's Followup Service  will get your business to
"The Next Level of Massive Success!"
This is How it Works...
Step 1:  We Connect to Your Current Process
No matter where your leads are coming from, we can plug in to your current process and our team will INSTANTLY followup with them! 

Some lead sources we handle are:
  •  Facebook Ads
  •  Zillow
  •  Realtor.com
Step 2: Our Team Gets to Work Following Up With Your leads As Soon as They Come In
  • An initial text message is sent to your fresh leads instantly upon arrival.
  • Our team starts calling your leads. We call your leads up to 13 times within the first 60 days and up to 13 more times over the next 12 months. 
  • We attempt to set appointments. Once we get in touch with your leads we attempt to set up live call transfers, in person meetings, or phone appointments (depending on what the lead is willing to do).
  • We track, document and share all correspondence with your leads.
Here's The Simple Truth...
Here's The Simple Truth...
If you do not have a solid lead followup process in place your business is doomed to fail!
Step 3: We Notify You When an Appointment is Set
  • Our first attempt is to live transfer calls with hot leads directly to your cell phone!
  • ​If live transfer is not possible we attempt to schedule an in person meeting at a location of your choice.
  • ​If your lead is not ready for an in person meeting we attempt to set a phone appointment with them.
When we set an appointment with your leads we immediately add the appointment to your calendar and send you a text message and email with a detailed recap of the conversation we had with your lead so you are fully prepared for your meeting with them!

Proper Followup is the KEY to Converting Leads to Closed Deals
Step 4: We Provide You With Near Real Time Progress Updates and Week Reports
  • We provide you with a custom link so you can see all followup being done with your leads (this tracker is updated every 3 - 4 hours).
  • We provide you with a weekly report of all followup our team has attempted with your leads.
  • We hold our team to the highest standards of work ethic and results. Calls are constantly monitered by supervisors.
Anyone can tell you they will call your leads. What makes us different is the accountability and tracking we implement into our process.

By implementing a completely transparent process, you will always know the status of our followup with every one of your leads!
"The Lead King" Russ Ward
Lead Generation Expert
Over 10,000 Real Estate and Mortgage, and Solar Leads Generated in North America
Hi! My name is Russ Ward!

In addition to owning a marketing agency, I am a licensed real estate agent in the state of Pennsylvania. I test everything I do in my own business before I roll it out to my clients.

As an agent or a marketer I realize you are hit up 100 times a day to buy something! That is why I believe in showing proof of results before you pay for anything! I am one of the few marketers who will show you proof before I ask you to work with me. I post screen shots of the amazing results I get for my clients on my Facebook page every day! You will also see real testimonials that show leads are not only being generated but they are also converting to closed deals! 

Feel free to visit my Facebook page to see some of my results before you decide to work with me. I want you to feel completely confident and comfortable with the decision you make so we have a great working relationship from day one!

I am not the typical "guru" you find all over social media begging you for money and trying to hustle you for a buck. I am extremely accessible. You can call me, text me, message me, whatever you need! When we work together, your success is my goal! And I back it up by being easily accessible for help when you need it!
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does this service cost?
There is a one time setup fee of $200 and $6 per lead entered into our followup process.
Are there any minimums or maximums?
Nope! One of the best things about our program is there are no minimums or maximums. Once you pay your one time setup fee you may send as few or as many leads as you like into our lead followup process.
Where are the callers located and what is their nationality?
Our call center is located in Mexico. All callers are US born, speak fluent English and have no dialect whatsoever. We convert TWICE as many appointments as overseas-based call centers.
How well are your callers trained?
Our call center team members are highly trained! We train them regularly with high level coaches such as Grant Cardone.

Can you handle Spanish speaking leads?
Absolutlely! Ever member of our call center team is fluently bilingual.

How am I charged?
When you sign up today you will be billed $200 for your one time setup fee as well your first 50 lead followup credits (50 leads x $6 = $300) for a total of $500.

Every time we followup with one of your leads we deduct one lead credit from your account. 

You will be provided with a link to your lead credit tracker which is updated weekly. 

We will also provide you with a link to buy more lead credits. It is your responsibility to add more lead credits when necessary. If you run out of lead credits we will not followup with any new leads until you purchase more lead credits.
What is your conversion rate?
We have a nationwide average of 14.22% conversion rate to appointment for Facebook Leads. We also do the nurturing to build the relationship and convert the rest of them throughout the year and fill your pipeline. 
Are there any other associated expenses?
We require you to have a calendar scheduling software such as Calendly or ScheduleOnce so we may enter your appointments on your calendar in real time. (We ask you for a link to this during the on boarding process).
What are the next steps to get started?
Click on one of the red get started buttons. That will take you to the checkout where you will pay for your one time setup fee of $200 and first 50 lead credits ($300) for a total of $500.

You will receive an instant email with a link to THIS FORM to complete. Once you submit the form your account will be set up within 3 - 5 business days. 

Once your account is set up you will receive a link to a personalized page with your near real-time tracker, weekly report, and lead credit tracker.
Can I call and talk to someone on the phone?
Absolutely! We encourage you to book a FREE 30 minute strategy call with The Lead King Russ Ward using THIS LINK.
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